Visitation, Offender re-entry, Legal Assistance, Advocacy.

"Living conditions in Nigerian prisons are appalling. They are damaging to the physical and mental well-being of inmates and in many cases constitute clear threats to health. Conditions such as overcrowding, poor sanitation, lack of food and medicines and denial of contact with families and friends fall short of UN standards for the treatment of prisoners. The worst conditions constitute ill-treatment. In many Nigerian prisons inmates sleep two to a bed or on the floor in filthy cells. Toilets are blocked and overflowing or simply nonexistent, and there is no running water. As a result, disease is widespread." Amnesty International Report February 2008


We serve the spiritual and religious needs of inmates in detention centers, jails, federal and state prisons. We provide this service through our staff and volunteers who minister in correctional facilities. Where permitted, we provide food assistance to inmates in countries where food for prisoners is in short supply.
Reentry services include several aspects such as treatment, housing, supervision, employment, education, health care, and other services. A comprehensive transition plan is developed after assesing each individual's risk for recidivism. Our services are provided based on identified needs, and is a collaborative effort between public and private agencies.


Pastor Sunday Ehichioya