Caring for the poor, orphaned children and displaced persons is a requirement for all. Ethnic, regional and religious violence is rife in many parts of the world. War and disasters have devastating effects producing displaced persons, orphans, and affecting economies of communities. The Ministry helps create safe and nurturing environments by providing Orphan Care, Humanitarian Aid, Nutrition and wellness services, Medical Assistance, Educational Assistance and other Life's necesities.

In urban areas, children living in underserved communities of color are exposed to violence and gang activitiy, and are lacking proper after-school care/activity. There is increasing childhood obesity due to lack of healthy food choices and limited physical activity. Our Ministry provides after-school programs. Including computer classes, a Connect to Walk and Play program which provides nutrition classes and conducts physical activites for members of our Newark NJ community.


Our orphan care service is a holistic initiative that provides care, food, housing, funding for education, access to medical care, for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Through our Food Bank, we support orphanages and clinics that care for orphans and vulnerable children. We provide food supplies to organizations and families caring for the children.
We partner with local hospitals and clinics to provide medical assistance to the poor, orphans and displaced families. They provide general health care, dental assistance, orthopedic care, maternal care, pediatric assitance, pre/post natal care and drug treatment services. These services are provided at no cost to the recipients. Please contact us if you are in need of a referral for medical care in Nigeria.
We provide aid to displaced persons by providing food supplies, hygiene kits, clothing. We have experienced counsellors able to provide their services to affected persons having difficulty coping with loss. Our network of organizations, businesses and churches puts us in a unique position to know when an opening is available. We can assist those looking for employment with referrals to give them a good head start.
The Connect To Walk and Play Program is a health initiative to reduce childhood obesity in Newark NJ. The Program began with a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and targets African American and Hispanic/Latino families with children between the ages of five and eleven years old. The Program achieves its goal by forming family activity groups to engage in walking and recreational activities, and to attend nutrition training. These activities will increase participants’ physical fitness, and enable changes in nutritional habits, attitudes and behaviors. Our program partners include the Newark Public schools, City of Newark Department of Neighborhood and Recreation Services, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Seton Center for Community Health.
Our After-School programs teach middle and high school students web design and computer programming. The goal is to keep the youth occupied after school hours to minimise chances of gang involvement and other illegal activites.


Dr. Mercy B. Daniel


Highlights 2016


Food distribution to orphanages, homes for the elderly, homeless shelters help combat hunger. Through our food pantry, we were able to serve many children, and families in need of these goods and services.


Providing books, school supplies, matching funds for elementary and secondary education are some of the ways we assist with child education. For adults, we provide computer training, adult literacy and economic empowerment programs..


For displaced persons, food, clothing, relocation assistance are some of the ways we are helping. Our volunteers in the Northen part of Nigeria, helped persons displaced by terrorist acitivities caused by Boko Haram, and flood disasters in southern Nigeria.


Wherever our teams went, we spread hope and love to all those we came in contact. From medical services, imunization drives, pre-post natal care, our goal was to reach all those in need. A collaborative effort of clinics and hospitals.

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